Monday, February 6, 2012

The House on Zapote Street (Analysis)

 It is about a man who married a woman who was living with her father on a house on Zapote     Street. The couple spent their first months in that house. The man then realized why his wife was

 always worried. His father-in-law was a policeman. He was very strict with his house rules. The

 man couldn't take it so he left the house. One day, his wife called him to pick her up from that

 house. He successfully escaped his wife from her father. BUt they returned to that house because

 his father-in-law requested to see her daughter againUnfortunately, the couple were murdered

 inside that house by their own "father". Their father then committed suicide after killing his son-

in law and his very own daughter.


Lydia Cabading

Pablo Cabading

Leonardo Quitangon

Nonilo Quitangon

Point Of View: 

Third Person Of View


Zapote Street



Fierce Dogs - Strict Father

Garage w/out a Car - forbid freedom of Lydia

The House

The Wife of and Ferdinand Marcos - powerful

Analysis: (Psychoanalytic Approach)

  • Pablo Cabading was very strict to his daughter Lydia because the father was sexually
        aggressive his daughter. this statement was supported in the story that Lydia and his

        husband Leonardo didn't have a perfect honeymoon. Lydia always sleep with her mother at

         night due to the many alibis of her father Pablo.

  • The wife of Pablo Cabading was an underdog to his husband Pablo Cabading.      
  • We can say that base on the story the attitude of Pablo Cabading has something to do with
           his past experiences because as we define the psychoalytic by Sigmund Freud it is the

          UNCONSCIOUS mind over the CONSCIOUS mind as we define the unconscious it is the

         storage of the past experiences or memories.


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  3. waw wil be the felationship exist between the pablo and his daughter

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