Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Protecting earth is our responsibility
Taking good care the nature is our duty
But what happen nowadays in reality?
Environment has already damage day after day

Today is the better time to change
Because a simple way can make a difference
Give an importance to mother nature
Before everything is too late

hay... hindi tuloy ang aming exam.... it's good coz it seems like my knowledge about our stories was not yet enough..... too bad coz may iisipin ah.... hihihihihi:)))
 anweiz, today is the passing of our poems... hope ma'am will like it... hihihihi! at the same time understand our grammar.... A FOR EFFORT,,,,,, :))))

Monday, February 13, 2012


Garden that looks like paradise
And it is blessing in disguise
To have a beautiful place like this
No one can never replace

Flowers, trees and mountains
A nature that needs care
And it can give satisfaction to anyone
A paradise to everyone

Peaceful, calm and very relaxing
Makes everyone happy and contented
To have a feeling like in heaven
A paradise


I love the sound of birds in the morning
I like the smell of the flowers in the garden
I love the sky every sunny days and even when its rainy days
I love the nature because it's beautiful

Nature is beautiful, we can't live without it
Nature is God's gift to us
So when i lay down to sleep
I thank God for all the things of nature and more, all things i love

Sunday, February 12, 2012

by Manelyn

Rivers don't drink the water they carry
Trees don't eat the fruit the fruit they bear
Clouds don't bathe in the rain they produce
We are meant to give, even if we get nothing from it
So measuring life by what others do may disappoint us
But measuring life by what we do will make it meaningful

THE SUNRISE by Ronamay

As i wake up in the morning
I saw a sun rising in the melody of the wind
Trees are dancing
Birds are singing
Some animals are playing
God gave them all to protect
And to rule a blessing to be treasure
To praise the creator
Save our nature for a better future


Oh nature so divine..
You took away problems of mine
You always managed to put smile on my lips
And escape to my burdens even just a bit.

Oh nature so divine...
Hoping you never change in time
Because you are my strength and happiness
The key in attaining my success.

Oh nature so divine...
What is happening to you by now?
You are vanishing for carelessness,
Destroyed because of selfishness.

Oh nature so divine...
You are changing this time.
I wonder who will put smile o my lips?
Who will help me escape my burdens a bit?

Oh nature so divine...
I will preserved you by the ways I can
You will be my strength and happiness
The next generations success.